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Curriculum Overviews for Parents

Our curriculum is designed to teach children to become skilled and confident readers, writers, and mathematicians with a broad and growing knowledge of the world.  

Our subject leaders ensure that the curriculum content is planned and sequenced carefully using the National Curriculum as a starting point. English, maths and science are taught discretely and, where relevant, we make links in our history, geography, art and music lessons. Subject leaders identify key knowledge and vocabulary which children in each year group should remember, understand, and apply. Content is also specifically chosen to meet the needs of our school. For example, from the very start of our children’s journey at Bramhope, we teach them that they belong to our school and our local community. This is done through our EYFS unit All About Me, our KS1 unit Our Local Area and our KS2 unit Yorkshire and the UK. We then extend pupils’ knowledge so they can begin to understand the wider world and our global community.

One of the ways we do this is through our link school Way of Salvation Primary in Uganda. This special link gives our children insight into another country and the lives of others on a personal level. We regularly receive visitors from the school and arrange zoom calls with children who attend there. Our children leave Bramhope Primary School fully prepared for the next stage of their education and with a hunger for learning in the future. To find out more about each subject, click on the subject pages.

Our golden threads (the three B’s) are woven through school life. They are used to inform how we behave towards others in school, our response to challenge and the personal characteristics we want our pupils to develop while they are at our school. We refer to these threads frequently and ensure that all members of the school community understand their importance. The three B’s can be summarised as follows: 

  • We work hard so that all children feel a part of Bramhope Primary and are inclusive to others (Belong)  
  • We emphasise achievement through effort (Be Your Best)  
  • We provide opportunities for children to become responsible citizens and leaders of the future (Be Bramhope) 

For more information about our three B’s, visit the school Vision Statement.

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