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Science Coordinators:  Mrs Hurst (left) and Mrs Lawson (right)



We want children to be inquisitive and to gain scientific knowledge that will prepare them for the next stage of their education.

Main Principles – At Bramhope

  • Teaching enables children to develop an understanding of key scientific knowledge building on their previous knowledge and experiences, and encourages the use of scientific vocabulary.
  • Science promotes children's curiosity, asking scientific questions about their learning and investigating the unknown and unexpected.  
  • Science  includes practical investigations, visitors, whole school events and cross curricular links in order to make it real and relevant for the children.
  • Our children learn about diversity in science and make links in their learning with scientific careers to broaden their understanding of science in the real world.

Child Principles

  • Develops our scientific knowledge and vocabulary.

  • Is hands on, practical and investigative.

  • Promotes our curiosity​.

  • Encourages us to ask and answer questions.

  • Creates scientists of the future.

We are proud to hold a Primary Science Quality Mark® Award (PQSM) for our commitment to excellence in science teaching and learning through science subject leadership awarded in September 2018. We will begin our re-accreditation of this in the Autumn term of 2021.