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Welcome to PSHE

Subject Coordinator: Mrs House



PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education is a crucial part of a child’s education. It gives children access to critical information about themselves and the many facets of the diverse world around them. At Bramhope Primary School, we provide a specifically tailored curriculum that is both broad and balanced, and meets the unique context of our school. We give our pupils access to big ideas and conversations, alongside practical experiences. At the heart of this, we encourage respect and have an understanding of the British Values and individual and group protected characteristics. 

At Bramhope, we aim to promote children’s knowledge, self-esteem, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing and resilience, helping them to form and maintain worthwhile and positive relationships. Children will be taught to have respect for themselves, and for others, within our local, national and global communities. 

The aim for the delivery of PSHE at Bramhope is to develop key character skills, including decision-making, informed risk-taking, good communication, and self-regulation strategies. We encourage the exploration of, and respect for, values held by different cultures and groups within our local community, and promote the development of positive attitudes. We encourage honesty and respect in all relationships, and nurture sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others. We aim to enable children to develop a deepening knowledge of their own health and wellbeing, including their mental and physical health. 

At Bramhope, we think about our children's time with us and then when they leave us. Equipping our children with information, skills and values to understand and to be able to cope with the physical and emotional changes that happen throughout different stages of their lives, including dealing with change, grief, career prospects, and puberty. 

Our PSHE curriculum has been specifically tailored to our children and families needs.  As a result, the information taught in school will be relevant and appropriate to the age and maturity of our children.

All children will develop the following skills during their PSHE lessons whilst they are at Bramhope primary school;

  •  An understanding of their inherent, indivisible, inalienable, unconditional and universal rights, and how these rights can and should be protected.
  •  An understanding of our diverse and complex world, and an empathy and respect for the rights of all individuals. 
  • Positive and constructive communication, with highly developed oracy skills. 
  • Resilience and self-regulation, and a keen understanding of their own health and wellbeing, especially supporting their mental and emotional development. 
  • Risk management and balanced decision-making, within the context of a changing and challenging world.
  • An understanding of the British Values so that we are tolerant of the diversity reflected in modern Britain and help our children become successful members of society.

At Bramhope Primary School we follow the PSHE Association programme of study and tailor this to suit the needs of our children, their families and the wider local community. This is widely used by schools in England and is recommended and referred to by the DfE in all key documentation relating to PSHE and RSE (relationships and sex education) provision in schools.

The SOW covers all of the required objectives and follows the three core areas of Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Relationships. The scheme fulfils the requirements of 2020 Statutory Relationships and Health Education. 

As the school moves from mixed-age to single-age classes, we are in the process of updating our curriculum maps, which will include knowledge sentences to help children remember the essential knowledge.