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Pastoral Support

Mrs Judd

I work at Bramhope as a Pastoral Coordinator and DDSL. I also work as an HLTA with the reception and key stage 1 children who have speech and language needs. I originally trained as a Clinical psychologist and worked within CAMHs and the Child Development Team here in Leeds. I have also worked as a preschool music teacher and as a teaching assistant at another school.


I am Mrs Judd,and I am the Pastoral Care Co-coordinator at Bramhope Primary School.  I believe that supporting the health and well-being of our pupils and parents will assist in improving each pupil’s school experience and this, in turn, will help academic outcomes.

My role is to provide support and guidance to pupils, helping them to address any social, emotional or behavioural needs that may occur.

I work closely with other adults, within and outside of the school, to identify and break down barriers, helping children to remain motivated so that they can achieve their best.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) is critical to the development and educational achievement of children and young people and research has shown it has important consequences for health and social outcomes in adult life.

An example of the types of support that the school can offer (after liaising with parents) is as follows:

  • Increasing confidence and self esteem
  • Friendships, behaviour and social skills
  • Improving relationships with others
  • Listening to what children have to say and helping them to understand their feelings
  • Expressing their views
  • Support through difficulties at home and at school
  • Bereavement
  • Transition from KS1 to KS2 and to high school 

This support may be provided through:

  • Intervention groups
  • Targeted individual support
  • External agency provision (e.g. Counselling, Educational Psychologist, CAMHS)

I am keen to work in partnership, to support pupils and families, so if you have anything you would like to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to contact me in school or via email at

additional support

For families who are in need of additional support, a range of services can be accessed through the Otley, Pool and Bramhope family of schools (the cluster). School is able to work with you to make referral for your child/family.


Lisa Matheson

Parent Support Advisor

I offer support and guidance to parents and carers across a range of issues such as behaviour, emotional wellbeing, SEN, changes in parental relationship, financial hardship and health issues. Meetings are held at the family home or in school, and support takes whatever form is appropriate for each individual family. Many parents benefit from developing their parenting skills to meet the current needs of their children, whilst others require guidance and signposting to more specialist support services. The support I offer can last for a number of weeks or months, depending upon the specific needs of each family.



Monique Matheson

School Counsellor

I work for the Otley cluster on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. My job is to provide a confidential and safe space for children and young people. I aim to promote their wellbeing and emotional health and build resilience to help them cope with difficulties they may face.


Imogen Fuller

School Therapist

My role is to support children and young people with their mental health. Dramatherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses healing aspects of drama within the therapeutic relationship. Dramatherapy uses story, role, movement, and many creative techniques to help young people get to know themselves, their feelings, and experiences. Dramatherapy can be beneficial for young people, as it often doesn’t focus on having to put feelings into words and takes a gentle and playful approach that ensures young people feel safe and comfortable whilst having sessions. I work with all the schools in the Otley, Bramhope and Pool cluster, and my job includes collaborating with parents, carers and school staff in ensuring each young person is supported.

school-based pastoral activities

anti-bullying week assembly

Monday 15th November 2022 marked the start of anti-bullying week; its theme this year is ‘One kind word’.

The week began with ‘Odd Socks Day’ to celebrate what makes us all unique!

The children were able to show off their choice of odd socks in the assembly on Monday 15 November!


On 17th and 18th November 2021, children across all key stages attended the ‘Toy Like Me’ exhibition, along with their teachers, in the KS2 Hall. In groups, they were able to view 12 large image boards to stimulate discussion surrounding disability. These images were of familiar toy prototypes representing a range of disabilities. For example, Barbie with a missing limb, or Olaf the snowman with a cochlear implant. We were so impressed by how well the children listened to each other's views; they showed great maturity and thoughtfulness.

Once they had viewed the ‘Toy Box Tales’ exhibition, KS2 enjoyed completing a fact finding task using the information cards displayed alongside the images. Children in Reception and KS1 completed some colouring sheets of some other toy characters.

Here are some thoughts from your lovely children!

“We think there is a connection to Anti-bullying week; all these characters have something different on their body. It tells us that we shouldn’t bully because someone is different”.

In response to the Lego Superman in a wheelchair: “It’s important to have Lego figures of everybody, not just all the same”.

“If I was in a wheelchair, I would want a Lego figure like me”.

“I liked the exhibition because it educates us about disabled people which is important to me”.

parent workshops 2021-2022

We have been delighted to see so many parents/carers in school for our parent workshops. The feedback has been really positive, and the speakers have enjoyed the sessions too. Find out more about each of our workshops below

autumn 1

In October, we had Lauren Green join us, a speech therapist from Away With Words. Her fantastic presentation was especially aimed at parents of under 6's The role of speech in child development: Making the Most of your conversations. Parents found the session really useful and enjoyed the opportunity for discussion with other parents.

autumn 2

In November, Sue O’Leary-Hall visited with her stimulating session: How To Help With Homework. This was well attended by parents from all year groups. There were some interesting discussions, and we all left with a number of new strategies. Parents reported that the talk was really helpful and highly recommended.

spring 1

Parenting in a Digital World was presented by Mrs Hahnel (our Computing lead) with the assistance of our digital leaders. Thanks to the digital leaders, who did an excellent job at presenting some of the key challenges to parenting in a digital world. They demonstrated a huge commitment to their role and presented with confidence.

The evening was really useful to highlight some of the key issues parents are facing and was informed by our online survey. Did you know for example the following statistics:

  • 68% of KS1 children and ?95% Year 5/6 children? have their own devices?
  • 75% Year 5/6 children? use their devices for at least an hour a day.
  • 38 % of UKS2 children use Tik Tok? and 23% use Snapchat?
  • 60% of KS1 are using YouTube?

Please find a reference document below with some of the key learnings from the evening.

Parent Reference Guide

summer 1

Tuesday May 24th 7-8pm

Me and My Body: How to approach conversations with your child

As part of our series of parent workshops, Dr Harriet Wallace came to talk about conversations that can be tricky to manage about bodies, growth, development and relationships. She is a Consultant in Genitourinary medicine and works both in HIV medicine and in Leeds sexual health clinic. Leeds sexual health treats anyone from age 13 years and she is medical safeguarding lead for that service and works with vulnerable young people. Her open, non judgemental style helped to generate some great discussion and many parents commented that it had helped them rethink their approach. She provided us with some uesful tips and discussion points. We have included her power point slides and resources list.

me and my body.pptx


summer 2

Getting Active with your children

Presented by Sporting Influence (our PE providers)

Sadly, this session was Cancelled


parent workshops 2022-2023


Tuesday 8th November


Introduced by Bramhope Young Digital Leaders

Helen Westerman from the NSPCC

“Online Safety Workshop”

  • Gaming
  • Mental health and well being
  • Parental controls
  • Social media


Tuesday 6th December


Sue O’Leary Hall from Thesan Coaching and Training

“Anxiety and stress: understanding and supporting your child/developing confidence and self esteem”


Tuesday 21st February


Charlotte Hahnel, Digital Lead and the Bramhope young Digital Leaders

“Online safety: Parenting in a digital world”


Tuesday 14thth March


Harriet Wallace

“Me and my body: How to approach conversations with your child”


Thursday May 4th


Sue O’Leary Hall from Thesan Coaching and Training

“Change and transitions: home, school, family, friendships”


Monday 12th June


Martin Colley from Sporting Influence

“Understanding wellness: keeping kids engaged with physical activity”


Other Sources of Support




Child Mental Health and Emotional Well being

Child Protection

domestic abuse

for children

Female and Non-Gender Specific Agencies

Male Specific Agencies

LGBTQIA+ Specific Agencies

In terms of victims who identify as part of LGBTQIA+, some of the above organisations such as Behind Closed Doors and Leeds Domestic Violence Service can and do offer support. However, some people may like to access support from specialist services who may be more specific in their knowledge.

Emergency Accommodation and support

Out of office hours ring Leeds City Council Emergency out of hours helpline 0113 240 9536.

National Domestic Violence Helpline

Call 0808 2000 247 (please note there is a charge for calls to this numbers from mobile phones).


Local Resources



Self Harm

Top Resources for you and your children

Transition to High school