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All communications from School will come via Parentmail - letters home (e-mails), forms to complete and return electronically (forms) and text messages (SMS).  You can also report absence and book Parents' Evenings using your Parentmail login or via the Parentmail App (once downloaded).

From time to time we will send something home in book bags / school bags on paper if we are unable to share electronically.

You will receive an e-mail to your nominated e-mail account inbox.  After you have deleted this e-mail you can still view the communication by logging in to your Parentmail account or via the Parentmail App where they are stored for future reference.

Please ensure that you are registered - your account should include all of your children currently at Bramhope Primary School.  If you did not receive an e-mail to register for Parentmail please speak to the School Office.

Please note that in order to generate separate accounts for parents two different e-mail addresses must be supplied to the admin team at school.

On-Line Payments

You will also find a menu entitled 'Payments' on Parentmail and this is where you can pay for all items owing to school including School meals (where applicable), School Trips, Club and Activity Payments etc.  Please note that all payments must now be made by debit or credit card.

The School Meals payment option operates a wallet system whereby you can 'top-up' your account by any amount at any time.  School meals will be taken off any balance credit.  Or, you can simply pay for school meals owing as they land in  your payments.

If you are unable to use Parentmail for any reason to make payments on-line please contact the office admin team who will be able to assist you with payment.


There is extensive Help functionality built into Parentmail for parents. Once you have logged into your Parentmail account there is 'Help' available via the Help button or the 'Guided Tour' button for any queries you may have. Or follow this link to access the Help available.

For any further queries or help please contact the office Admin Team.