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Meet the Staff

Staff and Classes

Please click on the names in orange below to find out more about that teacher and their subject co-ordinator roles.

Mrs Rachel Colbourn Headteacher
Mr Richard Street

Deputy Head/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Quality of Education Lead

Mrs Vanessa Laws

Assistant Headteacher

Maths Lead, Behaviour and Attitudes Lead

Mrs Sue Farinha SEND Co-ordinator
Mrs Lisa Mathie Office Manager
Miss Elizabeth Walker Administrator

Miss Jill Naylor

Mr Richard Farrant Maintenance Assistant

Key Stage 1 Staff


Teaching Responsibilities

Coordinator Roles


Mrs Freer

Reception Teacher

Reception Lead


Mrs Herring

Reception Teacher Geography Lead RH
Miss Maull Year 1 Teacher RE Lead Class 1M
Miss Parker Year 1 Teacher

Year 1/2 Team Leader

Phonics and Reading Lead

Class 1P
Mrs Rathmell Year 2 Teacher

English Lead

Class 2R

Miss Beaumont

Year 2 Teacher 

  Class 2B

Mrs Pullan


  Whole School

Mrs Judd

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Whole School Pastoral Lead & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Miss Mansfield Higher Level Teaching Assistant   Whole School

Mrs Bell

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pugal Teaching Assistant


Miss Sanna Support Assistant    KS1

Mrs Bi

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Beasley Teaching Assistant   KS1
Miss Smith Teaching Assistant  


Key Stage 2 Staff


Teaching Responsibilities

Coordinator Roles


Mr McKeown Year 3 Teacher

Year 3/4 Team Leader

PE Lead

Class 3MK
Mr McCann Year 3 Teacher   Class 3MC

Mrs Hurst

Year 4 Teacher


Science Lead

Class 4H

Mrs House

Year 4 Teacher 


PSHE Lead 

Class 4H

Mrs McNaboe Year 4 Teacher Music Lead Class 4M

Mrs Stewart

Year 5/6 Teacher


History Lead

Class 5/6SL

Mrs Lawson

Year 5/6 Teacher


Science Lead

Class 5/6SL

Mrs Laws

Year 5/6 Teacher

Assistant Head
Maths Lead

Behaviour and Attitudes Lead

Class 5/6L

Miss Harrison Year 5/6 Teacher

Art Lead

Class 5/6HS

Mr Street

Year 5/6 Teacher

Deputy Head

Class 5/6HS

Mrs Reynard

Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Whole School

Mrs Stenton

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Haughton Teaching Assistant    KS2
Mrs Rattanpal Teaching Assistant    KS2
Mrs Harman Teaching Assistant    KS2
Mrs Chauhan Teaching Assistant   Whole School