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Year 6 Perform Shakespeare at The Carriageworks

Our Year 6's recently performed Julius Caesar at The Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds to a packed house of several hundred as part of the annual Shakespeare Schools Festival. Here’s what some of our children said about the experience.  And read the document attached to see what appraisal our Stage Director gave on the night of our performance!

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. When you go on stage at the Carriageworks you feel very excited because you're about to perform to 300 people. Josh

It was fun because we got to show everyone our acting. It was also quite scary because there was a large audience, full of people from the public. Performing a play on stage made me feel proud of myself and the cast. I also enjoyed watching the other schools perform. It was a really good experience. Lily-Grace 

It was very exciting because you get to be on stage with lots of people watching you perform. On the other hand, it was nerve-wracking because all of the practice comes down to one performance and your hoping you don't forget your lines or miss a timing. Overall it was very fun and exciting. When the performance finished I felt proud of what we had achieved on stage. Madison