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The Great Outdoors Project!

Work with us as we re-generate our amazing outdoor spaces!

We are incredibly lucky to have a lot of fabulous outdoor space at Bramhope.  Few schools can boast a whole field (with lovely views of sheep and horses) as well as three further spaces for outdoor play.

We’re committed to making those spaces work better for our children during and after the school day.

The Project is going to focus on two areas … 'Great Outdoors Play' and 'Great Outdoors Sports'.

Great Outdoors Play

This is about ensuring that the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds (and the Reception outdoor space) are inclusive places where all children can enjoy both active play and quiet play - safely, all year round. 

Great Outdoors Sports

This is about giving our children the chance to try out, enjoy and perform to the best of their ability a wide range of sports - providing first-class facilities to enable them to do this.

Our PTA has already raised £11,000 towards kicking off the 'Great Outdoors Play' projects thanks to your support and we'll be announcing soon how you can get more involved.  We've got some ambitious fundraising targets to reach to achieve our vision!

If you've got any ideas or would like to pledge your help either financially or practically, then please contact Rachel Colbourn directly via

Read more of the detail about the project - what we're doing and how we're going to raise money by visiting the new 'Great Outdoors Project' Page in the 'Belong' section of our website.