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Bramhope's Super Scientists!

Here's what we've been doing in school for British Science Week.

As part of British Science week, all classes took part in our science day. Each class completed 5 activities linked to this year’s theme of ‘Journeys’. The children have had a fantastic time, talking about different journeys and developing their understanding of what a journey could be. It’s not as simple as you might think!

Reception have spent all week completing science activities linked to our theme. From rockets to moon exploration they have been discovering all sorts of new things!

In KS1, we have been finding out about some inspirational people who have made history with the journeys they have taken. The children have learnt about Space Journeys and been introduced to Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. They have made paper planes, whilst talking about the Wright brothers and Emilia Earhart. They have looked at sea journeys and how this is possible, whilst also learning about the 'Yorkshire Rows' team.

In KS2, we became inventors designing 'Space Rovers' that could travel on Mars; took a journey and collected what we found on our 'Journey sticks'; became explorers to see what we could find 'Under our Feet'; became aeronautical investigators to to decide if a glider or plane (made out of paper!) would fly the best and how quickly a helicopter could fall; and finally we made neurons and talked about the amazing journeys taking place in our own bodies!
Don't forget about the Bramhope Super Science Challenge!  Which of the challenges will you take on?  Bring some photos into school to show us what you did! 
Please see attachment below with all 10 Challenges!